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    Special Interest Group | Agriculture



    Agriculture plays a key role in the Earth future, being connected directly or indirectly to more than one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
    Earth observation plays a well known key aspect in planning and monitoring agricultural practices. Precision farming uses satellite imagery to model and spatialize several aspects related to crop growth, such as plant health, water stress, yield prediction, pest detection, damage from extreme events, just to name a few.
    The agriculture SIG aims to foster research collaboration among institutions and accross specific disciplines that use data from remote sensing to monitor agriculture. This will be done through several activities:
    • collaborating with other societies, such at working groups in the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) and other associations that have common interests with this EARSeL SIG.
    • promoting publications in peer reviewed scientific journals, by organizing special issues on specific topics
    • joining efforts in related activities, like summer schools, public engagement and outreach
    • organizing/co-organizing workshops and seminars

    Special Issue – deadline in 2023

    Thanks to the many participants at Bucharest, see you in 2024 in Manchester EARSeL Symposium!!! Click here for more info





    Activities include workshops, special sessions hosted by other societies and dedicated special issues in journals.

    ===> SPECIAL ISSUE "Earth Observation for Future Agriculture: from Data to Services"  IN THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING!

    ===> EARSeL Symposium Buchares 2023 WORKSHOP ON "EO-based Services and Products for Agriculture" Deadline for abstract: 30 January 2023


    • EO for the support of risk modelling and management in agriculture
    • Direct and indirect economic benefits of EO products and services in agriculture
    • Data integration from EO and other services such as agro-meteo networks, phenological networks etc…
    • Crop mapping for yield monitoring and optimization
    • EO for environmental impact mitigation in farming activities – e.g. monitoring the emission of particulate matter and gases, reduction of impact from treatments, optimization of water usage etc….
    • Crop damage assessment for multiple purposes – insurance, the estimate of economic losses, etc…
    • EO for supporting Common Agricultural Policies (CAP)
    • What accuracy (spatial and semantic) are requirements for end-products to be used in the agricultural realm?
    • Potential standardized procedures for quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) on the products from EO
    • Present and ongoing strategies for QA/QC from institutional subjects, agencies and companies; how do they face this topic?
    • Policies and regulations from national and international agencies that emanate mandatory guidelines and laws
    • Automated methods for fast assessment of EO data quality for agricultural applications
    • Innovative methods for improvement of EO data quality for agricultural products




    Enrico Corrado Borgogno Mondino, PhD
    Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences – University of Torino
    Largo Paolo Braccini, 2
    C10095 GRUGLIASCO (TO), Italy

    phone: +39 011 670 55 23
    e-mail: enrico.borgogno[at]

    Francesco Pirotti, PhD
    University of Padova, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry
    Viale dell’Università 16
    35020 Legnaro (PD), Italy

    phone: +39 392 392 20 67
    e-mail: francesco.pirotti[at]
    homepage: |


    Mailing list

    If you wish to be part of the SIG and exchange with other european colleagues, then just please mail to one (or both) of the chair person (details are provided above in the Contact section).